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Updated: Jan 1

Join me for 3 weeks to Fast and Pray for our Nation!

Starting today, December 31st, 2020, I have committed to a 3-week fast. That means that I will be fasting through January 20, 2021 and will not be breaking my fast until 1/21/21. I am asking you to join me. However the Lord lays it upon your heart to fast is great. It could be fasting from social media, or fasting from sugars and refined carbs, or fasting so many hours of the day from texting, or even doing a complete water fast. All that I am really calling on all my friends, family, and followers to do is to fast in such a way that you are mindful of making time to be quiet before the Lord. Spend time in intimacy and prayer, and LISTEN for the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The number 21 is very significant. 21 has been symbolic of national redemption. It was on the 21st of the month of Nisan that Israel was delivered from Egypt and the evil plans of Pharaoh as he was pursuing them to make them slaves again. It was on this 21st day at the Red Sea that God fully brought an end to the oppression and HE did so in a way that neither Pharaoh nor his army could have perceived was possible.

I do not feel it is coincidence that this fast will go through January 20th, which is the day of the Inauguration. I am still confident that President Trump will have a 2nd term in office. HOW that will happen is not as important to me as it may be to many. I am leaving that all up to the Lord. After all, I'm pretty sure I would not have chosen to make a way of escape by walking through the Red Sea, nor would I have sent a King as a tiny baby, and I'm positive I would not have brought the redemption of the world through the death of my son. So, I don't have any difficulty leaving the details up to the only one who is truly capable of universal redemption. Not to mention that He has already purchased that and HE is simply waiting for us to realize who we are in HIM so that we may see the redemption of ALL THINGS!

I believe that as we take these 21 days to press into the Lord and SEEK HIS FACE, we will hear his voice in the midst of the chaos and we will have cause to rejoice on 1/21/21. So won't you join me? Let's take this 21-day journey together and consecrate 21 days for the fulfillment of 2021!

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