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An Open Letter to the RNC

When I received the phone call from the RNC informing me that my first amendment rights would not be protected because “too many were afraid,” I was grieved. I was one of 336 persons invited to attend the Republican Presidential Convention and had even been selected by the Chairman to be a Deputy Co-Chair of the Convention, but the fact that the Republican Party was taking the position that fear was a legitimate basis to trample on our freedoms meant that I would have to decline to attend. As a matter of faith and principle, I could not align with this belief. This battle for beliefs underscores the critical point in which we find ourselves as a nation. Had our founding fathers felt that Fear trumped Freedom, we as a nation would never have existed. The following is the email I sent to the Chairman of the RNC imploring the party to stand in defense of our faith, our freedom, and our families.

--------- Forwarded message --------- From: Cynthia Dunbar Date: Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 11:35 AM Subject: Re: 2020 Republican National Committee Convention Officers To: Ronna McDaniel – Chairman’s Office

Chairman McDaniel,

Thank you for my nomination as deputy co-chair of the 2020 Republican National Convention. I am honored to serve. However, I must inform you that I will be attending the Convention via proxy. On July 22nd I submitted a request for a faith-based/religious exemption from the Covid-19 protocols being imposed. I received notice yesterday that no faith-based exemptions will be granted because many are afraid. In the absence of this exemption, I will not be physically present at the Convention but will serve via proxy. My sincerely held religious convictions prevent me from submitting to testing and the other protocols being implemented. My faith embraces the scriptural promise that if we lay hands on the sick, they shall recover as well as the beautiful promises in Psalms 103:3 and Psalms 91:10.

Additionally, I cannot in good faith submit to what I perceive as a fraud being perpetrated on the American people - that excessive precautions are somehow legitimate or warranted. They are in fact violations of our first amendment rights of free exercise, free speech, and free assembly. We are the party that professes to protect these liberties; now more than ever we need to stand and defend them.

I must advise you that I sent data to the RNC through Member Services at the end of March; data I’d taken from the CDC documenting only slightly over 3,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases. I asked about the data’s accuracy, and if the “confirmed” numbers could be communicated in an effort to stop the widespread panic the media was promoting. I was informed the data was correct but was asked not to disseminate it. I inquired as to the rationale, as such silence seemed to me to unintentionally play into the hands of those desiring to destroy the economy President Trump had so successfully spurred. I was told the "medical experts" were concerned, and if these numbers were publicized, then people would not conform to the suggested protocols. Since then we have witnessed the following: credible medical advice being banned from social media as "misinformation;" testing data being purposely and grossly inflated; pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions for HCQ; fear continuing to be encouraged; drug overdoses, suicides, and depression skyrocketing; and small businesses being decimated and destroyed. I cannot keep silent and continue to watch the demise of our Republic. I implore the RNC to likewise speak out and condemn all of the above, or risk being viewed as complicit.

My heart grieves for those who have been seriously ill and those who have lost loved ones; I do not view any sickness or death lightly or any life to be of little value. But as sad as these cases are, the numbers simply do not justify the virtual shutting down of society and trampling on the liberties of the American people. I repeat, the numbers simply are not, and never have been, at the level to justify the gross violations of liberty by executive orders from governors around the nation. It appears that many in the medical community disagree with Dr. Fauci’s opinions. While polls allege high levels of support for him, I personally have yet to meet anyone who falls within that camp. To essentially place the fate of the country in the hands of Fauci or Birx would effectuate an unconstitutional delegation of authority. We must remember that the people elected Donald Trump President, not Anthony Fauci, nor Deborah Birx.

For all of the above, I cannot in good conscience submit to and publicly legitimize the protocols being forced upon the American people. I cannot in good conscience watch as a narrative is being spun to validate voting protocols which expose us to massive voter fraud and a threat to our Presidential election. I cannot in good conscience support a continued economic shutdown and resultant federal spending further crippling us with massive debt through what can only be defined as socialism. I cannot in good conscience stand by while the potential for mass dissemination of a vaccine is being touted as a great solution, while many Americans view such a vaccine as a threat and violation of their freedom.

It is past time for us as a party to stand up and oppose the excessive trespasses on the liberties of the American people. We must boldly support the President as President, rather than Fauci or Birx. We must not succumb to the liberal media’s relentless rhetoric of gloom and doom; rather, we must clearly and unapologetically state the facts. We are the party of the people and the party that believes governments are instituted among men to secure unalienable rights. So, I make my plea that the RNC boldly and ardently declare our party's commitment to protecting the liberties of We the People.

It has been an honor for me to serve on the RNC these past 4 years and it is my prayer that in these dark days the RNC will choose to be a light of hope and the voice of truth.


Cynthia Dunbar,

RNC National Committeewoman (VA)

Please join me in praying that these pleas will be heard and that the Republican Party will speak out in opposition to this threat to our liberties. Fear is NOT and never can be a legitimate basis to suppress our Freedoms! We are at the point in history where we once again must defend the conviction in the Declaration of Independence that governments are instituted among men to secure our unalienable rights.

Again, had our founding fathers been motivated by fear, they would never have taken the actions they did to create us as a nation. Their fears were grave and legitimate, unlike the panic that we face today that is created and fueled by the liberal media. Still, they knew that their fears could not prevent them from the greater call to establish a nation where freedom could reign. To that end, they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. It is time once again that the American people come together and declare that FEAR does not and will not snuff out our FREEDOM. Let us once again declare, “…with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

If you agree, let your voice be heard by subscribing to this website. It is time for us to stand on our scriptural promises, including Hebrews 2:14-15.

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Beautifully articulated and desperately needed words of encouragement. Thank you, Cynthia, for taking a stand!

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