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Everywhere we look our Liberties are under attack. We have governors imposing oppressive Executive Orders that are decimating our rights. These are no longer being done just by liberal Governors like Ralph Northam in Virginia, but even arguably conservative Governors like Greg Abbott in Texas. We are seeing a universal push for Socialism and redistribution of wealth that is bankrupting our nation through trillions of dollars of stimulus money, and this too is not coming just from liberal progressives, but even self-proclaimed conservatives who attest to believing in the principles of limited government and stemming the tide of the ever growing deep state. And we even see our liberty being attacked within the corporate body of Christ. Even well-intentioned and respected pastors are lecturing the church that our liberty is to be curtailed by those within the church who do not yet possess a revelation of liberty, and that shutting down the liberty we have in Christ is not only somehow godly and loving, but that those who do not can be condemned and have their hearts judged by the rest of the Church as being unloving and selfish. Literally, everywhere we turn, Liberty is under a blatant and full-blown attack.

I have learned to watch the strategy of the enemy. If the enemy is doing everything that he can to decimate liberty, then I am going to do all I can to sound the alarm that we need to rise up and defend LIBERTY! That is why I feel compelled to boldly confront those BELIEFS or doctrines of demons that are being used to bring the body of Christ into submission to tyranny, domination, fear, and lies. Please note that I am confronting wrong BELIEFS, I am not attacking those who BELIEVE them. I personally believe that when Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers and called out those who were leading people astray from the truth a “brood of vipers” he was actually addressing the demons who were ministering to those people. Just like he wasn’t calling Peter “Satan” when he said to get behind him, but was speaking to the voice ministering to Peter, we see throughout scripture Jesus actually speaking to demons. Likewise, there are times we must confront destructive beliefs that present a false narrative or even a false gospel, beliefs that lead to death, not LIFE. There is a way that seems right to men, but the ways thereof are Death. But Jesus came that we may have Life and Life abundant. In fact, HE is Life. So, all our beliefs should point us to hope and life, NOT fear and death.

I must first address the seeming lack of faith in the abundant goodness and completeness of the work at the Cross. Jesus did not say, “it is partially completed.” Rather, HE boldly proclaimed, “it is finished!” Yet, in this evil day, we do not see many who appear to actually believe this. There is a way that seems right to man (aka: CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci) and the ways thereof are death. Why do we as the body of Christ place more trust in the medical profession than we do the Great Physician? Both the CDC and Johns Hopkins have documented that the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. right after heart disease and cancer is Medical Mistake. Yet we put way more trust in these “experts” than we do the promises of God, and we do this even though they keep changing their minds as to what really works.

We see church after church submit to the tyranny of over-expansive government control and shut down, impose mask mandates, social distance, and even tell the sick to stay home. Why would a church that truly believes that “when we lay hands on the sick, they shall recover” tell those who need a touch from the Lord to stay home? What did Christ mean when he said we were to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, but unto God that which is God’s? The government’s ability to constrain our behavior should never be suffered to encroach upon an area which is a duty we owe to God. James Madison defined “religion” in the Virginia Constitution, Article 1, Section 16, as “our duties owed to God.” Undeniably we have a duty to preach salvation to the lost, deliverance to those in bondage, and healing to those who are sick.

Yet, many churches, even those who have for years preached the miraculous healing power of Jesus, are now suddenly afraid. Afraid of what, a tiny minute virus that must bow the knee to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Or are we afraid of government retaliation or being thrown into prison, as though there is no precedent for that in the scripture? Or are we afraid of offending those with less faith or revelation that the completed work of the Cross includes the promise of health and healing? (Jesus did show us God’s heart by healing everyone who came to him.) This last fear of “offending” or “being a stumbling block” to others has been weaponized to shame or condemn anyone wishing to walk in the liberty of boldly standing in faith, not fear. It is scripturally unsupportable to say that those of us of faith are to show love to those who are still in bondage to fear by rejecting our liberty in Christ in an effort to reaffirm or not offend their fearfulness. Scripture is clear that perfect Love casts out ALL fear, so love would always want to deliver others from the dominion of fear. Also, scripture clearly defines Christ himself as an offense and a stumbling block. Therefore, to misinterpret verses in Romans 14 in such a light that steals away the liberty we stand in and then uses it as an excuse to judge the hearts of those walking in faith is biblically illogical.

If the interpretation that the strong must show love by removing the liberty they walk in to conform to the lack of faith the weak still feel, then Paul was way off when he scolded Peter. Peter did exactly what this misinterpretation suggests; he modified his liberty to conform to the behavior of those who didn’t yet realize they had the freedom to eat with the uncircumcised. Not only that, then even Jesus would have been off when he purposely offended others bound by the law by choosing to heal on the Sabbath. Clearly, this is not how the scripture should be interpreted. Instead, those verses should be read harmoniously with the rest of the chapter; none of us should judge the other: neither the weak the strong, nor the strong the weak. And further, that each is to be convinced of their own behavior, not modifying it through the fear of man. Instead, we are to stand fast in the Liberty whereby Christ has made us free and be not entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

This freedom, hope, and light are crucially important as we are currently facing a huge opportunity for the body of Christ to arise. In the face of great darkness, fear, sickness, and lack, we can shine forth the light of the gospel that all the answers are found in Christ. If we truly believe this, I am convinced that the world will be knocking down our doors to discover what we have: perfect incorruptible health, supernatural expansion of provision, and a peace that passes all understanding. And for those who say, “well, we can’t do that because we have to honor government restrictions,” I would reply that your answer is proof that the church has been truly remiss in teaching the biblical framework of authority vs raw power. All authority is given to Christ; so, when civil rulers operate outside of proper authority, they are no longer exercising authority, but raw tyrannical power, and it becomes our biblical responsibility to throw off such oppression. That is the very definition of when to use biblical civil disobedience. The enemy is the one who brings domination, control, and slavery. Conversely, Jesus brings Truth and a revelation that sets us free. The longer we succumb to tyranny, the more liberties we lose, and the more we become irreversibly enslaved.

I like many am looking, waiting, hoping for anyone to rise up in leadership and expose all the lies the enemy is perpetrating on our nation, rather than accept them and cower in the shadows. The Democrat Party leadership is actively promoting the narrative of fear, death, and legitimizing government oppression, even blaming President Trump for not doing enough. The Republican Party leadership, of which I am a member, are also in fear, silent, looking to government programs and socialism as the answer, and encouraging the wearing of masks, social distancing, testing, and the hope for an answer through Pharmakeia. Even more upsetting is that respected leaders in the body of Christ who profess to believe in healing are likewise complying with the fear-based protocols and even shaming those who would stand in faith, judging them and their hearts as being selfish. Meanwhile, many Christians know that we have the answer and are waiting for someone, anyone, to stand up and be the voice of hope.

So, this is my prayer, you who do BELIEVE, let’s be that voice. Join me and hundreds of thousands of other believers who truly BELIEVE! Click on this link to subscribe to messages of hope and mobilization of WE THE PEOPLE. Let’s not succumb to fear, government oppression, or shaming and condemnation. Remember, it was against the law to approach a leper in Jesus’ day, yet he not only laid hands on them and healed them, he even sent his disciples out to do the same. The light shines brightest the darker it is. In these dark days let us Arise, and shine, for His light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon us, and we are called to shine among them like stars in the sky! Isaiah 60:1 and Philippians 2:15

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