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Facts or Fiction

I recall when I was 4 years old learning to read. Immediately after completing a sentence of "see Dick run" my wise mother looked at me and said, "great, but now that you are a reader, there is one thing you must NOT believe everything you read!" While this childhood memory is entertaining, its warning could never be more true than it is today.

Recently I received an email from a New York Times reporter requesting my answers to the following questions. [NOTE: his questions are in blue followed by my answers in red.] Don't worry; I didn't waste my time actually responding. I've had too many encounters with the press to naively think that they are actually after the truth. It has been my personal experience that they are only looking for content to be able to spin to fit their pre-determined agenda. Lucky for us the only people who still read the New York Times are those who already believe the way it does. But I thought it might be helpful for us to actually see the spin at work to know how to pray for the truth to come to light. After all, it is only in knowing the TRUTH that we can be set free. John 8:32  Lord, Jesus, in these days of darkness, let Truth dispel the Lies. Reid, I am curious as to your motives in incorrectly paraphrasing the problems with mail-in voting.

"The main argument by Mr. Trump and other Republicans is threefold: Voting by mail is easier than going to the polls; more people will vote if the process is easier; and when larger numbers of people vote, more will vote for Democrats."  

Your purposed spin causes me to doubt your sincerity in seeking factually accurate information. Surely you are aware that this is NOT the main argument against mass mail-in voting. You completely sidestep the serious concerns regarding voter integrity and instead frame your words in such a way to allege as a factual reality that more Americans align with the Democrats than Republicans. This is seriously lacking in journalistic integrity. Should you, however, decide to accurately disseminate truthful responses, see my answers below: 1) President Trump yesterday declined to commit to a peaceful transition of power IF he loses the election in November. Do you think he should make such a commitment? Your question does not present an accurate restatement of what occurred at the press conference. There was no "IF" in the reporter's question, rather, it was presented as an assumed loss to which the President appropriately addressed his concerns about ballot integrity such that a transition of power would not even be relevant.

2) Do you think ballots should be counted if they are not recorded in the results on election night?  This question includes major assumptions, such as why would this occur and are the votes being counted not fraudulent. So, to accurately respond, those assumptions must be answered. In this day and age of electronic capabilities what would occasion the inability of votes being calculated on election night? To illegitimately extend the count would set the stage for overturning a legitimate victory by bringing in additional votes that in the present mail-in election process could easily be manipulated and unverifiable. The only ballots that should be counted at any point, either during or after election night, are those that can be validated to have been made by properly registered voters. I recall a U.S. Senate election where early voting showed a loss to the Democrats so polls were illegally kept open only within heavily democrat precincts in order to offset the Republican victory.

Voter fraud is a real and legitimate concern and has become a perfected art within the Democratic Party. 3) Are you concerned that Joe Biden will not accept the results of the November election? Absolutely, I am concerned. I am concerned that paid protesters proven to disregard any decorum for peaceful congregating will be directed to take to the streets like criminals, and that they are willing to stoop to any level to steal away the will of law-abiding American voters. Hillary Clinton publicly directed Biden to not concede defeat on the night of the Nov. 3 election — no matter the circumstances. Why then are reporters not equally pushing this issue with Biden as they are with Trump? No prizes guessing why; it doesn't fit within the narrative they are relentlessly trying to sell.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would see that my responses are accurately printed within the New York Times. Thank you, Cynthia To any of my subscribers who still think that if I had actually responded, my above answers would have been printed in the New York Times without any spin, let me dispel that wishful thinking. That is why having platforms available for us to disseminate accurate information and engage in open discourse and even present dissenting opinions is so hugely important. We must have forums that afford open discourse, public debate with both decorum and mutual respect, and will not foster groupthink through viewpoint discrimination. To that end, we must work tirelessly between now and November 3rd to ensure that the upcoming election keeps those in power who will fight to protect our unalienable rights.

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